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You set the conditions in your strategy and leave the rest to us. We will check them constantly (as soon as a new price tick arrives for any instrument in your strategy) and once any conditions (Entry / Repair / Exit) are satisfied, the trades are taken. Thanks to our trading engine, all of this can be handled with ease and you will never again worry about missing an opportunity. A state of the art distributed architecture which can span multiple servers all hosted on the cloud is at work to see that your strategy is given all the attention it deserves. Every strategy has a dedicated bot working on it so even if the system has 1 strategy to take care or 1 million, the architecture which automatically scales the servers based on the load at hand, takes care that there is no latency issue your strategy faces.

Here’s how we do it.

With a little help from 3 bots and a message broker.

Trading Bot / RoboTrader
Independent parts, working across servers and hosted on the cloud (Digital Ocean) to reduce the chances of a bottleneck caused due to an unforeseen situation in any one area of operation. Tick by tick data is streamed and stored in InfluxData, a super reliable and scalable database app built keeping in mind streaming data and ability to handle thousands of records in a second. All this, so you can perform strategy management in an efficient, foolproof, fail proof manner.


Strategy Building Wizard

What if we told you that you could build a wide gamut of strategies and algorithms without ever having to write any code? What if you could sell what you build to other brokers, traders and investors? With, trading will be better and faster – better executions, faster real-time trading strategies. And did we mention that we are 100% cloud-based? No downloads. No data stream. Just simple cutting-edge accessibility to follow your portfolio from anywhere in the world.

Order Management

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