Is Algorithmic Trading Allowed in India?
Yes, algorithmic is allowed and legal in India. Any individual can do trading using it.

What is the cost of an algorithmic trading software?
Robot trading software is available in different price ranges. Retail investors can purchase an annual subscription for licensed software with the option of single and multi-trading options.

Can i Buy algo trading strategies?
Yes, we have best performing predefinded algo trading strategies, you can choose from our basket .

Which is best algorithamic trading strategies?
There are many strategies are available, Like Option Delta Hedging strategies, Price action based strategies etc.,

What are the major disadvantages of algo trading?
Some of the disadvantages of algo trading include dependence on algo trading strategies, user requires to wait till the strategies gets materialize.

What is the algo trading Bot?
Algo trading bot, which is nothing but a digital platform with inbuilt trading strategies and conditions to execute orders on behalf of the clients.

Algo trading software price in India?
Algorithmic trading has huge varieties, price of a algo systems, depends on the user requirements. Kindly find our pricing list Link : price

Which is Best automated trading software for zerodha?
Robot trader is the best automated trading software in india, which serves all kind of traders like retail to expert level traders.

can i use robo trading for crypto currency?
Yes, we are supporting crypto currency through Binance Api Bridge.

What robo advisor software?
Robo advisor software is digital platform which provides, advisory to the users based on the technical researches

Can i Trade fx in Robo trading forex?
Yes, any individual can opt for robo trading forex strategies.



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